RowGen is a Software Product from IRI Inc., it's a whole testing solution, capable of generating random values according to user specification. You can test all your systems and applicaiton without interfere with production environments and avoiding the time for request of data movement between production and test environments.

Main Attributes:

  • Quick generation of large volumes of data.
  • Maintaning Referencial Integrity
  • Application of ranges and bussiness rules
  • Supporting for Data and Metadata modeling
  • Transforms, segments and generates reports
  • Generates customized client files
  • Correct termination of generation work


  • Closed to data privacy law
  • Preserves referencial integrity
  • Observance business rules
  • Avoiding spend data base resources
  • NO complex programs for generation
  • Reduces development cost and time
  • Reporting of testings
  • Interacts with Data Warehouse
  • Generates data layouts
  • Quality Assurance of testings
  • Generates several outputs

Graphic Interface
RowGen provides a friendly graphic interface to manage and operates the product. Also RowGen has scripts wizard to generate more fast and easy the codification of test structures.

Row Gen supports DDL of the followed data base providers for test data generation:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Teradata
  • Sysbase
  • Informatica